The House of Bosch


Different times

Wherever you look in the House of Bosch: everywhere you can see the stratification of eight centuries of Bossche building history. The photo shows floors from different centuries.

The second picture shows a so-called Brabant wall. Examples of Brabant walls have also been found in other towns and villages in the Netherlands. A Brabant wall is made up of a wooden framework. Sometimes a layer of straw is attached to the framework using copper wire and sunken iron nails. On top of this a layer of plaster is applied. There are also walls with a layer of burlap stretched over the framework. Over this, wallpaper was then applied. The walls are built with wooden rules (slats), because at that time there was no sheet material available. These Brabant walls were used from around 1850 - 1918.

The House of Bosch
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