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In the footsteps of Jeroen Bosch

Follow in the footsteps of Hieronymus Bosch in the house where he learned his trade. Let our enthusiastic researcher, who is passionately searching for the answer to the one question: Who was Hieronymus Bosch?

Captivated by the enigmatic life of this world-famous artist, he will take you on an exciting journey that magically brings history and his imagination to life through a mix of old architectural styles and new multimedia techniques. Using the latest scientific insights, traces in the house are combined with sources from old archives in order to unravel a bit of the mystery each time.

But will Hieronymus Bosch ever give away all his secrets?

Opening in spring 2022

The House of Bosch will open its doors in Spring 2022.
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Family Studio and KinderTrots

It is hard to imagine a more beautiful place to learn about Hieronymus Bosch than in his house.

Especially for primary school pupils, an educational space has been created where they can get creative. In this contemporary family atelier, the Jheronimus Bosch Art Center offers the KinderTrots program.

Through the various KinderTrots workshops, the students get totally 'in the mood' of Bosch and they can discover the 'Hieronymus Bosch' in themselves.

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